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National Board Of Directors

Carol Coats
Carol Coats (417) 204-9530  coatscabool@yahoo.com Carol graduated from William Jewell College, Liberty MO: Biology degree and teaching certificate. Retired from teaching high school sciences at Willow Springs MO School District in 1995. About to celebrate 50 years of marriage to Bob, a retired auto and aircraft dealer. They are active members of the International Cessna 170 Association (he is a charter member) and have attended each International Convention since 1971. She earned her pilot's certificate in January, 1976. Carol chaired the 170 Club's first Scholarship Committee that was responsible for establishing the award guidelines. Since then, some 20 high school graduates enrolled in an accredited aviation course of study have received grants to continue their education. She has long been noted as a community leader and volunteer in her Ozark hometown of Cabool.

Mary Ann Dee
Mary Ann Dee (219) 778-2277   Fly170s@comcast.net Graduated from North Central College in Naperville, Illinois with a degree in Communications. For 20 years I worked as a Human Resource Specialist focusing on Benefit plan design, from healthcare to retirement plans.   As a retiree, I continue to help as a consultant for employees to select appropriate benefit plans for themselves and their family. It is especially gratifying to educate employees on varying options available. Have served as secretary and newspaper editor of EAA Chapter 966, and have been a member of the International Cessna 170 Association for 10 plus years, during the time having served on Scholarship Committee.   Additionally, have hosted, along with my husband, an an annual Cessna 170 Convention. I am fortunate to have three kids, five grandchildren and an amazing pilot husband.

Velvet Fackeldey
Velvet Fackeldey (417) 533-2262  c170velvet@yahoo.com  Velvet is the retired Executive Secretary of the Cessna 170 Association. She is an accomplished writer, editor, workshop presenter and conference leader. Velvet, who hails from Springfield, Missouri, has won numerous prizes and awards for her poetry. She currently serves as the Vice-President of the Missouri State Poetry Society.

Kris Lethin
Kris Lethin 907-360-6363  kwlethin@dancingeagles.com  Kris is owner and CEO of an Alaska-based marketing and management firm. He is also a Director and Treasurer of the non-profit Seldovia Community Medical Clinic. He has served as City Manager of Seldovia and also in the Alaska House of Representatives. Kris was Deputy Director, Division of Energy, State of Alaska and from 1992-1994 was the Governor’s Legislative Liaison. He was Consultant to the Aleut Corporation involving management of 160,000 acres of Native Lands and a complete revamping of the financial and corporate structure. Kris is a past President of Alaska Oil Heat Institute andof the University of Alaska Anchorage Alumni Association. The Boy Scouts of America awarded him the Silver Beaver for his volunteer work. He is an instrument-rated commercial pilot for single and multi-engine land and sea planes. Kris is a volunteer pilot for the Episcopal Diocese of Alaska.

Ron Massicot Photo
Ron Massicot  (337) 332-4597  Ron74887@aol.com  Ron is 66 yrs. old. Married to my grade school sweetheart 43 yrs. ago (1972). 2 sons unmarried. Born in La. moved and grew up in Florida--then back to La. Finished high school here in Lafayette, Louisiana. Joined the Marines Corp Reserves while in high school (senior year 66). Education : Attended College at University of Southwestern La. 5 yrs.-Plenty of hrs. ( I think 160+) no degree. Started in the oilfield in 1973. Worked for a few companies and now owner of Lycon, Inc. an independent gas lift company serving the oil producers. This being the 3 rd gas lift company I have started and owned. Hoping to retire soon if possible! Aviation : Started flying in 1976 rated SEL and then got the float rating in Florida in 77. Flying has been for fun and vacations. Bought and owned the same Cessna 170B since 1976. Family has seen much of the US because of the airplane and TIC170 Association. President of the international Cessna 170 Assn. 1986-1988 and hosted the 1991 convention in Jennings, La. Since that time have been in background and continue to monitor Assn.

Dave Clemmer Photo
David F. Clemmer
 (240) 447-7542  g4pilotn-1@verizon.net  Dave started his flying career in 1966 following his enlistment in the US Army. Graduating from helicopter flight school in 1967, he earned the right to an all expense government paid trip to South East Asia. After returning from Vietnam, Dave finished his active duty service in March 1970. He later joined the Army Reserves in March 1972 and continued his service until July 1994. Concurrently Dave's full time employment was with the US Army Reserves from 1973 to 1978 as an instructor pilot. He then was hired as an Aviation Safety Inspector at the FAA's Baltimore General Aviation District Office. In 1985 Dave sought to return to flying full time and was hired by the FAA's Hangar 6 operation at Washington National Airport. Dave retired from the FAA and Hangar 6 in 2009 with 17,000 hours of flight time. Since retirement he has been active in various aviation and veteran groups including the First Aero Squadron, the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association, the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation, and is a founding member of the Combat Helicopter Pilots Association and is a member of the American Legion. Dave's spends his time with wood working and photography. Dave lives in Laytonsville, Maryland.

Mary McClain
Mary McClain (575) 531-7044 wehner@vtc.net  Mary was born and raised in southeastern Missouri, and attended Southern Illinois University.  Marriage took her to Wausau WI where she served three terms as Alderman and Marathon County supervisor.  She served as vice chair of a committee to develop the first countywide solid waste sanitary landfill in Marathon County and later worked in the office of Governor Anthony Earl. Entering the field of retail management, she moved to Davenport IA in the late seventies.  McClain’s long interest in environmental issues led to her hire by the City of Davenport to direct Operation Clean Davenport, a public/private affiliate of Keep America Beautiful.  This in turn led to her appointment as Recycling Coordinator for the city and later for the Solid Waste Commission of Scott County. A long time hobby gardener and horticulturist, she founded Aunt Rhodie’s Nursery as a part time project; it quickly became a full time business in partnership with landscape architect husband Bill Wehner in the Village of East Davenport, Iowa’s largest Historic District.  Restoration of their 1857 cottage in the East Village grew into a profit center; the couple restored 11 homes and commercial buildings before selling their businesses in 2001.  They retired to Columbus, NM a year later where Mary has been a volunteer and employee of the library, and has been active in Our Lady of Las Palomas.

John Moore Picture
John Moore
(314) 304-6148  jmoore@kreismanbayer.com  John B Moore was raised in Perry County, Missouri, and graduated from South East Missouri University with a major in finance. He is now a long-time St. Louis resident, and a partner in the firm of Kreismann-Bayer Insurance. John is an avid fisherman and hunter, especially on those properties he still manages in the southeast corner of that state. He has been a non-flying member of the 170 Assn. for several years, and an early supporter of FASF who sounded early warnings on the direction of that organization. He is a deacon in his church, with a long-standing commitment to the City of New Orleans; he has lead at least two dozen rebuilding teams on missions to NOLA since Katrina in 2005. John Moore has been an enthusiastic supporter of Wings since its inception.

Michael Owen
Michael Owen (520) 682-7728  desertskywater62@gmail.com  Born 1947 in Phoenix, Arizona. Graduated from Phoenix College with Highest Distinction in 1968, then went on to the University of Arizona graduating in 1971 with Distinction with B.S. in Business/Economic Development and minor in Foreign Language (Spanish, French, Russian). Graduated from the University Of Arizona College Of Law with Juris Doctor degree in 1978 and admitted to bar, practicing for 34 years as a trial lawyer. Now retired. Aviation : Began flying in 1964 owning a share in a 1946 Aeronca 65AC. Received private pilot license in 1967. Own two aircraft, both Cessnas, one a 1977 Cessna 150 with 150 hp engine conversion and STOL kit and the other a 1958 Cessna 182A with VG kit. Previously owned a 1975 Cessna 172 Skyhawk II with 180 hp engine conversion. Seems I like Cessnas but used to fly taildraggers as above and a Piper J3 Cub. Wish I had bought that little biplane when I had the chance. Been interested in and involved in “living history” and Western history for some years including re-enactments, and developing knowledge re the Mexican Revolution and other aspects of our region which drew me to the “Raid Days” event in Columbus for the first time about 5 years ago. Naturally, I flew over to attend.

Bill Schauffler (703) 836-8191 Bill was born on April 29, 1943 in Charlottesvile, Virginia. My Mother was Nancy Holt Schauffler and my Dad William G. Schauffler III, son of William G. Schauffler, Jr. Both W.G.S. Jr. and W.G.S. III were fliers. My grandfather survived World War I [Editor’s note: Bill’s grandfather also flew for the First Aero Squadron when it was deployed in Columbus]and my Dad died in the South Pacific in World War II, shot down by friendly fire while returning from a mission. My Mom remembered when I was 3 years old. We lived in Charlottesville for a shorttime and moved to Lewisburg, West Virginia in 1951. My stepfather practiced law. I attended Greenbrier Military School in Lewisburg from 1955 to 1961. Began my college years at the University of Virginia and after many years received my B.A. at the University of Maryland. I served in the U.S. Army from 1963-1966. From 1966 to 1986 I worked as a Customer Service Agent for Trans World Airlines. From 1986 to 2014, I worked many different jobs from retail to food service. The last 16 years were spent as a Waiter on Nina’s Dandy, a dinner boat sailing on the Potomac River. My interests are reading, gardening, films, cooking and singing with the Christ Church Choir. I have never married.

Martha Skinner
Martha Skinner [(575) 531-2467   marthas@vtc.net  Martha is a real estate broker in Columbus, New Mexico. She is also owner of “Martha’s Place,” a local hotel and café. A committed community activist, she is a former Mayor of Columbus and currently serves on the Village Board of Trustees. As Mayor, she organized the first Columbus Historic Preservation Commission. She has served as a Trustee on the Deming-Luna County Senior Center and was appointed by the Governor to the New Mexico Border Authority where she continues to serve today. Martha is also Vice President of the South Luna County Economic Development Group. Martha was a founding member of the original FASF and was very active in the development of that organization. She has brought that same energy and enthusiasm to our new group, Wings Over the Border.

Frank Stephenson Photo
Frank Stephenson
[(817) 475-6096  PlanePilot44@gmail.com  Frank is 71 years old, a native Texan and grew up on a small farm southeast of Abilene, TX. As a youngster he had the opportunity to see a variety of aircraft flying into and out of the municipal airport about 10 miles from that farm. This began his interest in aviation. He graduated from a small rural school and enrolled in McMurry University in Abilene, TX graduating in January, 1967 with a degree in business administration and a focus on marketing. After graduation he worked in west Texas for Gulf Oil Corporation for a period, then relocated to Fort Worth, TX where he worked for General Dynamics Corporation for a time on the F-111 program. Soon after this he began a 41+ year career in the insurance industry. The final 29 years as a commercial inland marine underwriter/marketer traveling a five state area. He retired at the end of 2009. During his various careers he became associated with a local aviation museum in Fort Worth, TX. The initial plan for the museum was to restore the last Convair B-36J to flying condition as a flying museum. When this effort failed, Frank was transferred to El Paso, TX where he lived for just over a year. Upon returning to Fort Worth he joined a new museum group known as Southwest Aerospace Museum. This museum disassembled the B-36, which was on static display in far east Fort Worth and moved it to a new museum site just outside the factory where the aircraft was built. This museum was located on Carswell AFB. Frank worked with this museum for several years serving as president for a period. During this time the museum acquired approximately 15 aircraft for static display. One of the more interesting acquisitions was a Convair TB-58 Hustler which was moved by truck and C-5A cargo plane from Davis-Monthan AFB to Carswell AFB. Frank became a private pilot and aircraft owner in 1983 and continues to own and fly his 1956 Cessna 172 tail dragger aircraft. Frank and his wife Becky have one daughter, son in law and two grandsons. In 2013 Frank and Becky relocated to Murfreesboro, TN to be closer to family where Frank continues to enjoy flying with his new group of pilot friends. Frank has been a member of the International Cessna 170 Association since 1988 and is currently serving a second term as an association director.

Stan Walsh
Stan Walsh [(310) 831-5209   stanlogs@dslextreme.com  Stan Walsh’s book First Over the Front, a collection of letters by Lt. Billy Schauffler, Pilot, First Aero Squadron, introduced Stan to Columbus, New Mexico….as it was in 1917. Billy painted a vivid word picture of the town, the squadron and happenings during the Spring of 1917 as America geared for war and First Aero entrained for Europe. Appointed Squadron Adjutant, Billy traveled to Deming were he said, “It was nice to see green grass.” Fast forward a generation and see Lt. Stan Walsh graduate, a newly minted Bombardier – Navigator, from Deming AAF, January 1944. So Stan is no stranger to the Columbus – Deming area; at least from the air. To authenticate the book and to visualize First Aero’s view of the terrain Stan did visit Columbus….once. Stan is a Civil Engineering graduate of USC and had a career planning airports and military facilities world-wide. In retirement he produces Travel Adventure films.

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